BMC Luna 4 Night Battery Kit with Carry Case

BMC Luna 4 Night Battery Kit with Carry Case
The BMC Luna CPAP and Auto Machines normally operate from AC power via the included AC power supply. Now you can take your sleep therapy...
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By Peter immel on
Using a BMC Luna G11 Auto machine (setting at 6cmH20) and a full face mask. So far as I know there were no mask leaks.

These results are actual not theoretical.
* Using the Humidifier (set on 1) the battery lasted 11 Hours 30 Minutes.

* Without using the Humidifier the battery lasted 28 hours 15 minutes.

* The battery does let you know when it is getting flat via a loud beeping sound. (Very Useful)

* Battery charge time (from dead flat to fully charged) was 4 hours 5 minutes.

* As I was in a room without 240 volt power, I found this battery pack very useful. The BMC CPAP machine worked exactly as it would have if I had been on a power supply.

Highly recommended for Sleep Apnoea people on the go.
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