Heated CPAP Hose kit 180cm long

Heated CPAP Hose kit 180cm long
Heated CPAP Hose / Tube 6' /1.8m long When you breathe out, the warm air from your body will meet the cold air coming in from the room. This...
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It does exactly what it claims.

The heated hose is connected to the included power supply via an easy to use connector. it eliminated all the moisture I was getting in my mask and in my standard hose with a home sewn cover.

The temperatures here in Adelaide haven't been really cold, but so far, so good.

I know the heated hose does not claim to warm the air, but it certainly took the chill off for me and I noticed the air seemed to be pre-warmed for comfortable breathing.

I normally run my humidity on 2 during colder nights, so tonight I'll try it at 3 and note the difference.
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