Transcend II Auto CPAP Machine - Starter Kit

Transcend II Auto CPAP Machine - Starter Kit
Transcend II Travel Auto Machine. One of the world's smallest, lightest portable Auto Machines. When size and weight matter, this is a...
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By Geoff Hodgson on
My wife and I have a caravan and free camp frequently. This means we do not have 240 volt power all the time. I contacted you regarding a 12 volt CPAP machine and you recommended a Transcend Auto which will operate on both 12 volt and 240 volt power. My wife and I cannot thank you enough. She gets a good night sleep, as do I when we are out in the bush. This machine is just wonderful. I will no longer have to carry my larger machine with me as carry on luggage when flying. My new Transcend Auto is so small and compact, I highly recommend it to all CPAP users. You will not regret it whatsoever.
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