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So quiet!
Reviewed HealthGear C5 AUTO CPAP Machine - Bundle and Save by Mark Buckingham from Sydney, Australia on October 15, 2019
My Philips machine finally gave up the went looking for an alternative and found the HealthGear machines on CPAP Sales' site. Price was half what I paid for the old machine. It's so quiet and the integrated humidifier is brilliant and so easy to fill. Cleaning is a breeze (literally) cleans itself by blowing ozone back into itself. No more disassembly, cleaning, drying and all that palava. If you need a new machine, give Healthgear a go.
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Reviewed BMC Luna iQ Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier - Bundle and Save by Steven Corcoran from QLD, Australia on October 14, 2019
Brought 2 weeks from CPAP sales ago worried about cheap price but is a awesome machine does everything as the dear ones. Software is on SD card put into a computer and download tells you heaps of info App is a little bit confusing with a lot less info 5 Year warranty cant go wrong just get it
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Fantastic Product
Reviewed Philips DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine - Bundle and Save by Bill from Campbelltown, Australia on October 12, 2019
I hired this machine for a trip to Europe, it was fantastic. A very quite machine and so easy to travel with. I put it in my carry on. It was so much easier than taking my Resmed in a separate carry case.
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Great site
Reviewed Philips DreamStation Auto CPAP HumHT - Bundle and Save by matthew rehbein from Queensland (QLD), Australia on September 12, 2019
I am a person that will shop locally rather than the internet. I had reservations about dealing with CPAP sales but Sharon was so helpful and honest I knew I wouldn't go wrong here. My Chemist locally wanted $2500.00 for the same machine that cost me $1400.00 at CPAP Sales. The phillips dream station is a superior product.
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Great product
Reviewed BMC N5A Micro Nasal Mask with headgear. S/M/L Size by Luke Davis from Queensland, Australia on July 29, 2019
I bought this when it was on special and it is great. I used to have the BMC N5 mask and while I wasn't unhappy with it it had its issues. The Plastic support strip from mask to the forehead would often move while sleeping breaking the mask seal and the large hose connection would pull at the base sometimes. The N5A micro doesn't have this issue, sits comfortable on the nose, doesn't break seal when you roll over and fits snugly without needing to be too tight. No plastic support strut and the smaller and more flexible hose connection also makes for less pulling while sleeping (The small hose is about 30cm long and connects into the normal size connector.) The only drawback I would add is it seams slightly noisier then the N5. It's the consistent white noise of the air vents at the hose connector but I haven't been waking up because of it, I only notice it as I'm falling asleep.
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