BMC N5A Micro Nasal Mask with headgear. S/M/L Size

BMC N5A Micro Nasal Mask with headgear. S/M/L Size
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Great product 5
By Luke Davis on
I bought this when it was on special and it is great.

I used to have the BMC N5 mask and while I wasn't unhappy with it it had its issues. The Plastic support strip from mask to the forehead would often move while sleeping breaking the mask seal and the large hose connection would pull at the base sometimes.

The N5A micro doesn't have this issue, sits comfortable on the nose, doesn't break seal when you roll over and fits snugly without needing to be too tight. No plastic support strut and the smaller and more flexible hose connection also makes for less pulling while sleeping (The small hose is about 30cm long and connects into the normal size connector.)

The only drawback I would add is it seams slightly noisier then the N5. It's the consistent white noise of the air vents at the hose connector but I haven't been waking up because of it, I only notice it as I'm falling asleep.
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